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Dreamcast No More

SEGA has announced that they will no longer make game consoles and that they will continue to build just games.
Their games will be built for Nintendo, Playstation, Palm Pilot, and PC. I also heard that they are going to attempt to be the biggest independent game producers in the world.
If you have a DC and are worried that you won't have anymore games to play, check out, they make a bleem! system for the DC that is compatible with 100 Playstation games. While there is only one bleem! for DC out now, you can expect 3 more to be released in the near future.

For more information on SEGA or bleem! for PC or Dreamcast, check out the links listed below.


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1)Dreamcast Smash Pack

2)Phantasy Star Online

3)Dreamcast Game Console

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5)Dreamcast VMU


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AM2 has updated the Shenmue II Web site with, guess what, a bunch of tiny screen shots! Hmph typical. You know, if we had a Dreamcast dev kit in our hands and a build of Shenmue II, wed take nothing but 640x480 glory. This is the game that will likely blow everything else out of the water later this year, graphically.

Anyhow, the ten screen shots below showcase Ren, whom Ryo encounters for the first time in Hong Kong. Ren is the leader of a street gang in Hong Kong. He was raised on the streets and became street smart as a result. Ren isnt his real name - its just a nickname he attained at some point (the kanji for Ren is also used for blade - that means hes a tough guy!).

Shenmue II more details later.

-- Anoop Gantayat, Contributor









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Shenmue II Preview

Publisher: Sega
Genre: Adventure
Developer: AM2
Release: 04 2001

Dreamcast Release Calender

Iron Aces (DC)Release Date: 02/07/2001

Ducati World Racing Challenge (DC)Release Date: 02/14/2001

KAO Kangaroo (DC)Release Date: 02/14/2001

Legend of the Blade Masters (DC)Release Date: 02/15/2001

NBA Hoopz (DC)Release Date: 2/15/2001

Illbleed (DC)Release Date: 02/16/2001

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At by ZDNet

1 Phantasy Star Online

2 Shenmue II

3 Spider-Man

4 NBA 2K1

5 Sonic Adventure 2

6 Shenmue

7 Skies of Arcadia

8 Typing of the Dead

9 Illbleed

10 Metropolis Street Racer

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